Is this code ok? I want an easier way to save images using tiny db

HELP MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

tiny db q2

Firstly, you do understand that you are only saving the file path of the image to the tinydb? The actual image is saved to the file path on the device?

Secondly, do you need to use a namespace?

Thirdly, using ClearAll will mean you only have one tag saved, assuming you have the namespace set ? (this would be the case after you save the first picture)


ok but can you help me that it would download the image in the device

Is this the question?
Are you unable to save an image ?
Do you get any error message?
Is this when testing with companion or when compiled on a device ?
What is your android version on your device?

i got an error

OK, what is the error you are getting?

It might help to read first, how to ask questions...


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