How do you separate the data in MIT app Inventor?

how to separate the data that has been entered in the daily planner Android apps using the mit app inventor

See here:

If that's a ListView Element, try \n instead of <br>.

If that's a Label, turn on the HTML flag for that Label to make it split at those <br> marks.

\n Where do you want to put this? screen set reminder or screen task list?

It would be easier for us, to figure it out and fix the problem, if u showed us the logic blocks.
Also u may read this before create a topic in this community :grin:

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screen set reminder

screen list task

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I think you just need to change the variable "data" to "database" which I marked :joy:
simple right...

still be like this :cry:

maybe you can share the project here, so I can debug it for you and let you know what is the problem. right?

how to share project? im first time use this app

Look at the top of ai2 website, there's menu bar. then click:

Project > Export selected project (aia.) to my computer

DailyPlanner.aia (278.9 KB)

It's working fine on my phone :rofl:,
I think the problem is caused by using font typeface on the listview :face_with_monocle:

Set your listview property at S_Home. like what i did below

(Set FontTypeface to Default)

it's already default

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Your project works:

If you are testing in a compiled apk, clear the app's cache, or uninstall and reinstall it. Perhaps tinyDb is storing outdated values.

thankyou guys

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