How do I choose list currently used from two lists?

How do I do this so it can choose between either one of the lists depending on which one is currently being used?

How do you know which list is currently used ? Perhaps set a boolean variable when using a particular list to identify it ?

The selection index would know what one I picked, but that would only work for one list. Is there a way to join these and have it work without a runtime error? Basically, I have two lists of locations, which each have a list picker button that lists the names of the locations. Then I have another list of addresses for both lists. I am trying to have it so no matter what list picker you are on it can grab the correct address from the address lists.

You will need to share all your related blocks, especially the ones where you store all your lists so that we can understand how your app works.
See this -

All blocks for the app.

From the looks of your data, it's time for you to graduate from single dimension lists to two dimensional tables.

You can combine all those lists into a single table, with one row per site.
Each site (row) would have these columns:

  • SiteName (ABG Upstairs Family Health Clinic Ltd)
  • SiteMiles (50,100, etc.)
  • SiteLat (47.400521)
  • SiteLong (-92.951837)
  • SiteAddress (1600 Pennsylvania Ave...)

Type up your table in Comma Separated Values form in Notepad or a spreadsheet program and upload the CSV text file to the Media folder, for loading at app startup into a table (list of lists).

Instead of switching between 50 mile and 100 mile lists, you would instead filter your site table based on the desired value in the Miles column.

Sample filtering app ...

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I did that but couldn't change from 50 and 100mi lists due to how the UI is. I have gotten everything to work but the orginal problem. I cannot get it to use the current list I am in to get the corresponding addresses in the right addresses list.

Show us how.

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