500 Internal Server Error

Please help me.
I get a message like this, how to solve this?


Thank you for your attention

<hr> , the closing tag is missing.

<hr> tag does not need to be close, it will work fine without closing tag also


for more information loot at here...

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This message appears when I run the application via companion, previously it was not there. I don't know what causes it. Thank you for your attention.

You have not shown any relevant blocks or screenshots or your html. How are we supposed to know why you get this message?

Sorry, I don't know what to show, because I don't know where the error is? I suspect, this is "probably" my error in creating the MySQL_Database block so that the connection to the database server has problems and shows this message.
Thank you @TIMAI2

After days of searching for the cause of this error, I tried to change the hosting server and this error message no longer appears.
I concluded for a while that this problem "may" be caused by a connectivity error between the application and the hosting database.
Hopefully this error message will not appear again in the future.
Thank you for everything.

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