Annoying sounds repeating roughly once per second,

I have a annoying sounds, repeating roughly once per second, that I can only mute if I mute the ring tone on my phone.
The song produced is very similar to the sounds played in Windows when a new devices is connected/disconnected to a USB port by instance.
I have no sound file uploaded in the app and I use the following components which might fired periodically : TxtTospeech, SpeechReconizer, 6 timers (from 0.5 to 20s).
I tried to disable all the timers but nothing changed. Sounds generated by the TxtTospeech code are all good.
I could not find any hint on such problem. Any suggestions on what the cause might be or tests I could do are much appreciated.
Thanks in advance for help.

Welcome to the community, please post a screenshot of your blocks in order to get help. Since it is your first visit please have a look at

I found that the unexpected sounds are in fact the blips & blops emitted when GetText in SpeechRecognizer is executed. I did not find an option in the SpeechRecognizer blocks to mute this. The workaround for me was to use the Taifun tools extension to mute/unmute the ring volume.