Have I to insert cookie in my app if I don't use users dates?

Hello. I'd like to know if I can do an app without cokies if the user doesn't have to insert any date of himself.

please elaborate


You could have defined global variable with predefined date of your choice, would be good if you desolve it in milli-seconds, so that you can expand it in any date format. as,

But, according to the topic-title, it is different requirment, do you want to have your own date of choice, but in any ways you need to depend on phone date n time as a refrence point eather user or network provided, since clock component read from phone's clock

but, yes you can add or substruct to current date n time using available blocks.

I speak italian and I don't intend a clock but a date, some like nome or email, the user doesn't have to use his name and email or other sensible thinks like these and I want to know if in an app in this way it is necessary insert cookie. I have just found in the forum but I don't have found the answer about this necessity. In the app one person has only to click on the link of privacy and on the button to consent it..the link goes to an internet page outside. What sceenshot have to post?

Sorry, I intend the datas of users and not the date.