How do automatically create google accounts?

i need to create 20k google accounts, for purposes i have typed the amount of accounts i want to create
I clicked the start button but it didn't work it did nothing,
accounts cannot be created from an account they have to work as if they were accounts created in gmail, not as email created within the google account , how do i solve this problem?

As far as I am aware, there is no method within AppInventor to create a single google account, let alone 20,000!

Yes, you could open a webview (you would probably need to change the userAgent) or default browser, and go to a google create account page, to create one account manually, but I know of no way to automate the process, and to be honest, the practice would probably be frowned upon here.


I believe creating a Google account requires verification to make sure you are not a robot. If so, then it is impossible to do that in any program.