How can i make a app to chat from two phones

how can i make a app to chat from two phones

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Hi @hussien_ali_moussiwa welcome to our community!

actually, for that question, I'm sure you can get it in
the community without having to create a new topic. :grin:

Okay then, just click this link

or you can click the search icon beside your profile picture and start searching :innocent:

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Also read this :wink:

can u help me :sweat_smile: plz i have a small problem

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Welcome Hussien.

Anyone in the community can help you Hussien.

What is your problem? Just explain what you have a problem with and someone will help. :slight_smile:

Here is a very simple chat tutorial that should be easy for you to understand CloudDB Chat App . The link Salman provided are other good examples showing how to build a chat app.

that's my pleasure :wink:


Unfortunately the example aia does not work with an Android 8.1 and Android 12 devices; spawning numerous errors. When was the last time you tested this @Taifun

this might be, as it needs to be adapted to the SDK31 requirements, see here


Thanks. I had to add permissions on the Android 11 and redo the pairing between devices.
Working now. :slight_smile:

I now added the ask for permission blocks and updated the example app...

however the ask for permission blocks from the example by @Anke fail for older Android devices... Error 908 RequestPermission: The permission BLUETOOTH_CONNECT has been denied. Please enable it in the settings app.. I guess, this issue will be fixed after MIT updates the bluetooth components?


This seemed to work on both the 8.1 and 12 Androids

If anyone tries the Bluetooth chat, they might try those . :slight_smile:

Which older devices fail?

Thank you @SteveJG for your tests...

I tested with Android 8.1 and asked for BluetoothComnect and BluetoothScan which resulted in error 908, see above... those permissions only work for newer devices... for older devices your blocks seem to be the correct ones...


hello i did this project but it doesnt work

Which Android version are you using for your tests?
Do you have 2 Android devices? Did you install the example app in both devices? Is bluetooth enabled? Are the devices paired?
After you did that, what exactly happens? Please be as specific as possible



Android 9 - Server BT (installed) ------ Android 5.1 Client BT (installed)

Server and client work for me with/without AskForPermission.

p9C3_Servidor_BTi_AskPerm.aia (10.8 KB)

p9C3_Cliente_BTi_AskPerm.aia (12.9 KB)

Important the "Known Issues" of @Taifun

Sometimes I have had to close the application and "clear cache" of data to get it working again.

Yes, use a CloudDB.

pls I am working on a chat app that can send messages with one listview and receive messages with another listview

Welcome Joel.

Not clear what you want to do Joel. Here is a simple chat app CloudDB Chat App . It can be easily modified so that the current signed in user chat on his/her device is displayed in one listview and all others' comments are displayed in another listview. Is that what you want to do?