Need help to make button reading url from google sheet

how can i make button reading url from google sheet
For example, my Google sheet will contain many navigation links, product images and names inside, and there will be a list of product names inside my application, I want when choosing one of the products the function of the button will go to the link specified in the Google sheet

See here first:

i want make botton to read URL from google sheet
Get a Single Cell from a Google Sheet

this is not working as i need
,,,,i need the button in my app to Get a Single Cell from a Google Sheet

It may help if you tell what is not working as you need. The howto I linked to does show how to get the value of a single cell from a google sheet.

Please show your relevant blocks....

Good morning dear
Let me tell you that I know how to read data from Google Sheet ..
But my question is how to make the button read the link inside Google Sheet.

For example

When I click the ID In the list, the data in the Google Sheet row will come to the text box and the link to the button so that when I click on the button, go to the specified link

  1. Get the url back from the google sheet cell
  2. Set the url to a variable
  3. Use a webviewer to set the url from the variable
  4. Assign the gotourl block to your button

I want an explanation of how to use and create these possibilities
If you have an illustration :grimacing: :grimacing:

Do everything as shown in my example:


if you want the button text to be the url as well:

thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@boom_Agency Please do not cross post.

Your blocks image is of poor standard, I cannot read it.

Right click on the blocks editor and download blocks as image, then crop if you need to.

Two things I see:

You are setting VideoLInk.visible to a value from your list in Web2.GotText ( I believe it should be VideoLink.Text )

You are setting your activity starter url to global URL which will call your google apps script web app, not the video link....

When I click on the id in the list view, the data comes in a text box and then the button forwards me to the link in the Google Sheet column.

I hope you understand my plan

I understand......

you can tell me how can i do?