The phone screen displays a paragraph of text?

A very long text.

Is there such a program statement?

See here -

do you mean, you want to display paragraphs of text in the Label Component,
you can make something like this: \n or <br>

Several hundred words.
Can the program use label components?

what tag?

TinyDB ig?

Use a vertical scrolling arrangement (set width and height as required)
Place a label inside that arrangement (set width and height as required)
Set the text to the label

  1. How to add a space before the text?
  2. How to set certain text colors?

And again:

you can use &nbsp;
Example: &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Salman

use html code like this on your label :
<FONT color=#000000>This text is in black</FONT>

A small amount of text (dozens of words) can be typeset using html.

However, with a lot of text (a few hundred words), typesetting is very difficult.

The text above is saved in the file: a.txt.

After the file is typeset with word software or LibreOffice Writer software , it is imported into the program. Display the contents of the file on the phone screen.
How to use program statements to achieve the above functions?

I am confused, what do you mean, you want to make text arranged as above

You would probably have to construct a set of dynamic components - an extension (arrangements, images, labels) and then iterate over your list of text items to display them as they appear.

That's what it means.

"Label" in the picture above, it can add HTML.

"TextBox" in the picture above, can it add HTML?

@or_s It is time for you to learn to read the documentation:
You will see that the TextBox has no HTML flag, the Label does have a HTML flag.
Moreover, the TextBox is mean to provide an input space for the user, which is not true for a Label.

Remember, it is much more fun to use App Inventor when you do some tutorials and when you do experiments using the AI Companion on your phone then asking elementary questions you can easily discover the answer to for yourself. You will learn and develop by doing.

Your "text" also includes images (icons), so perhaps the easiest way to final display in the App is to convert the data to HTML and display that file in a WebView Component.

However, the brief "Word software or LibreOffice Writer" is far too ambiguous.

The two word processors do not have the same formatting system by default and certain Word .doc files are only deciperable by Word - so that needs to be nailed-down to an open source man-readable format. Then you can write the code to convert font face, style, colour, size etc into the HTML + CSS equivalent.

Perhaps this is what you are looking for: