Data export problem from tinydb in android 10

I have a problem with the application I have created for data logging. The application saves data in a tinydb and then exports it in csv. This works on all devices with Adroid lower than version 8, but not on Android 9 or 10.
How can I fix this, since I have devices with important data that needs to be extracted?
Is there a way to manually extract data from tinydb on devices?

How can we know what you did wrong without seeing your app? But I think maybe you are using a split text block. Insert your .aia.

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Hello Edinson

This rather looks like the File Path permission change made by Google from Android 10, but you say the problem definitely occurs on Android 9 too?

It is correct it only gives me the error in android 10 but I already managed to find the file that the app generates only in a path within the android 10 system

Sorry for the bad explanation below I add the project

Categorizacion.aia (128.3 KB)

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