Some question about clock and time picker

Im tring to do a days count. currently having a problem.
For example, the day for time picker is May 12 2023, current time to May 12 2023 is 0.
if i pick May 13 2023, current time May 12 2023 to May 13 2023 is also 0.

so you want the result of 23:59:30 13/05/2023 to 00:00:30 14/05/2023 is 1?

use this as the start date

its 0

maybe give more example? and explain more clearly?

I didnt use hour/min/sec, just the date btw

Sir you from China? Maybe i can add your wechat or something?

Your topic is "Some quesiton about clock and time picker", but I don't see a single question from you on this topic.

So please ask precise questions and also provide examples.

See also here: How to ask a question (open new topic)

Hello Andy

Please spend five minutes reading the guide: