Clock Error in iOS for make a instant


I think this clock sentence is not running well in iOS (on Android the same sentence is going well):

The instant of a date with format MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS not returns a instant as you can see in the attached image.

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See here and post blocks in English and a test aia.

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Sorry. I will follow these rules. Thanks @Anke.

Here the report issue on iOS with english version.

You can see the result of a "MakeInstan from" block that is not an instant. It returns the time with UTC format of may location and not an instant.
On Android it not happens.

The aia file for test. Put login="12345"NOMIS_CPv1_4_lite_2.aia (574.7 KB)

Actually, I think the issue is not with the first block but the second block. On iOS, Instants are represented internally using NSDate, which when serialized as a string serializes in the ISO-9601 format. The second argument shows as *nothing*, so for some reason the second call in your code isn't returning an Instant object.


Hello @ewpatton
The full block with "do it" is this:

As you say the second "MakeInstant" has nothing. But all the date in these blocks are right as you can see. The only difference between both "MakeInstant" blocks are in the join string on the second block.
What solution for iOS do you recomend?

I have other test.
The problem is the same without teh join string. This is the result:

The second "MakeInstant" block lost the result.

Hello @ewpatton,
This clock-timing problem happens in more different blocks:

Preformatted text

For example in this other timing block happens the same. In this case is on the first block where I have the "MakeInstant".

In this block of the "MakeInstant" the "Do it" does not run or show nothing.


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So the hours must be between 0 and 12.

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Are you testing in iOS or Android?
My issues are in iOS platform. On Android the related blocks are running well.

Yes, iPhone 6s, iOS 15.0.2

Yes, but on iOS

as shown in this block:

Uahhh¡¡ In Android the block runs well with HH:mm but on iOS not.

Yes, that has been said often enough now.
Apparently iOS is more sensitive to the prescribed format.
@ewpatton will be able to tell us more about that.

iOS is just a newly added platform to test apps. It was adapted just a few months ago, but Android is used since App Inventor was created, so Android should work well than iOS. You can PM @ewpatton if you want to report bugs to him.

Even in my Iphone v iOS 14.8.1 not runs your block:

With the test Ai2 server.

The "Do it" does not show anything.

Will be not easy to calculate times between to dates in theses conditions.


Example 1:

Example 2:

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Both examples work of course with Android and iOS.

Dankeschon @Anke.
You are brilliant.