[Suggestion] New animation for opening and closing screens. Slide horizontall right and left

Hello, it would be possible to have a horizontal screen opening and closure with an effect to the right and to the left. That would be more aesthetic. Thank you

Try this: switch5screensSwipe.aia (21.7 KB)
Works with Companion & APK.


Voici un exemple:Glissements.aia (35.5 KB)

Where is the problem? What is the goal?

Note: You must close the screens as I have shown, otherwise you'll get a memory problem with the APK.

Your extension works very well. But it's the animations of the opening and closing screens that don't go. It would require a right horizontal animation and a left horizontal animation

I think you need this extension or something similar:

Hello, I would just move from one screen to another with an animation sliding horizontally to the left and returning to the previous screen with an animation swiping to the right. Today there is only one animation sliding to the right

From what I can see in the video placed next to the extension I gave, the screens are moved to the right and left.

You can't do it with just blocks. You need an extension. All extensions are here.


Have fun searching.

The extension goes from layout to layout but no screen to screen

In the settings, in the designer for Screen1 you have several animations to choose from. I haven't seen an extension anywhere that supports physical screens, so that's not possible in my opinion. You need to create virtual screens instead of physical ones.

Phew I'm understood thank you ... I ask if it is possible to add it

I changed the title of the post to a more appropriate one and moved it to Site Feedback. I think this is a more appropriate department for such questions.

Ok thanks you very match

Hello, just to let you know that position shifting can be done with blocks.