Help for File component

The documentation mentions that the file component can be used to store and retrieve .txt files. Can we store and retrieve other than .txt files or not using that component? Also what is the need for storing .txt files?

What file types are you talking about?

any file type like .doc, .pdf , .csv , .xml etc

Taifunfile is pretty good for copying any type of file and customwebviewer can handle quite a few. The web component can as well.

Which you would use depends on what you are looking to do with it

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The File component can also save / read csv files.

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Thanks, will try it!

And what is the use of storing and retrieving .txt or .csv files?

I don't understand the question?
As I said, read this first.

Yes you can.

Have you or anyone else you know has used the file component? If yes then for what purpose? What is the need of such a file component?
For E.G. - Label Component is used to display some text. What is the use of storing files in sdcard for an app?
Thank you and Regards.

There are innumerable possible uses that cannot be listed exhaustively.
How about searching the forum.
Search e.g.: "File (component) save read"

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I have basically built a web wrapper for a chat site and use the file component to upload images.

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@Anke @CRS Thank You for helping me out!

To store values when you close your app that you want to retrieve when openning it again?

Can the file component read .pdf or .docx files? I want the text in those files in a label component.

That would be encrypted string.