Runtime error argument #2 when i try to save in pdf format

Hi folks, i'm Fonseca and i have a problem to save my Project in pdf format, when i click The button to save in pdf, show a mensagem for error ( Runtime Error argument #2 (appinventor.ai_.......) to 'yt.deephost.generate_pdf.generate_pdf.generate_pdf(,Java.lang.string)' has wrong type.

Someone can help me presente.

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Deephost extensions are not recommend to use because they are buggy and there is no support from the developer

Try the following extension instead


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Thanks U, i wanna see The indicate post

Sorry Man, i'm verry thank U, but this apliccation is in mitapp and i dont wanna see conexion between your comment and my question, you can be more specific

no connection? it is a extension just like you were using the deep host's pdf extension

probably I misunderstood your issue?
therefore it would help, if you could elaborate a bit more...
also a screenshot of your relevant blocks would help...
see also

PS: my name is Taifun and not Man... thank you...


Thank U Taifun, i understud and i go try, later i post The result, really thanks for all help

Good night TaiFun, you can see my blocks, i have a new problem now.

When i start The app and i click button for save in pdf format, i recieve a message "The file doenst exist in this directory"

Android 11

You can help me

1 pls right click the block and download it then upload here. Don't take pictures because its not clear.
2 before download png, change language to English, since we can not use translator on png format.

Altrimenti ci sarebbe un'altra soluzione per poter eseguire uno screenshot chiaro; e cioè premere il tasto "Stamp" sulla tastiera ed incollarlo in Paint.

The sharing component needs a complete path to the file in the ASD, see an example here


God Night, i send my blocks for your analized and help me.

and thank you so much Anke and Taifun

Anybody can help me?

Use blocks Create10, AddPage10 and remember to use Finish10. This will save the pdf to your ASD without requiring any permissions.

You may need to get the latest version of the PDF extension