Bug issue this night

I want to continue my project asap then the bug issues are showing up, is there any way to solve this? i would really appreciate it, thank you

Please provide more information about your "bug issues"

Oh i'm so sorry before since i'm new here and i don't know how to ask properly, the site say "An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?"

This is a problem with your project, not the ai2 site. Have you used table arrangement in your app?

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yes, is there a problem with it?

If you have autoload set to true, try opening up AI2 with this url:


then you can download and inspect your aia project, or share it here for others to have a look at.

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AppInventor has a bug that will probably not be fixed until late summer. Pasting resources into a table causes the project to crash. If someone doesn't fix it for you, you'll have to rebuild your project from scratch. It is best not to use a table, you can use several horizontal and vertical arrangements instead.

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Thank you for your help^^

Gonna try this too, thank you for the help^^