My App stopped working with google sheets

Hy there!

I made few app 8 month ago.
Today sheets stopped getting data from the app.
I have notifier at the app, the data goes out.
It is arriveing to sheets few hours later. 1 by 1.

Man. Searched...
Not found.
It is like when they ask : "have you tried to reboot?"
Worked! No need to printscreen blocks, everything is good!
There is 2 or 3 hours of delay till data arrive to sheet.
Drive function's cool.
I erased the answers going to form. There was 5000 plus answer.
Still slow. I curious if problem is at your "machine".
Haven't already.......
Thank's anyway! I will figure it out...

Aren't you a tired veteran?

Is it possible that you have used up some free quota from Google, and they are throttling your updates?

I hope not because i'm paying extended storage.
Thank's i ask them.

Here's another blind guess ...

Has your data grown fat over time?

Are you moving the whole sheet back and forth, or are you filtering your data upstream and updating only single cells or rows, to avoid big data transfers?

There is very big data going to sheet. I erase and move it to a sheet not conected to app.
I saw that at "form" all the data is in (still), now i erased it all.
But still data rows coming in every 2 hour.
I think google "helped" me...

I remade the whole app into a new sheet! I finished, working!
The old one is good now too...

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Thank for advices! Have a nice day!

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