Help me for this app

I would like to make an app that takes text from Google (Google text varies from time to time) and reports it to text (in real time)

To clarify, you want to get Google search results and implement them into your app? If so, you can use the Google Search API:


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I would just like to transcribe what's on a site, for example if it says "hello" it shows me on the app

Unfortunately, that seems neither feasible nor possible. Displaying the web page in a WebViewer would be way easier.

So the image can't freeze? With web viewer

You could try scraping your web page with a shredder like

But beware, web owners hate scrapers.

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I have the web viewer and the custom web viewer and I want the page not to scroll down

If it is your web page, and you are writing the html/css, then you can do this, otherwise i am not aware of a method to prevent web page scrolling, unless there is a javascript stunt....

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