Problem after downloading the app

After downloading the app in my mobile when i open it first screen is properly working but second screen keeps on repeating continuously when i press back button continuously it works properly.
can u plz tell me how to fix this problem

Do you use a clock that forgot to set it to false ? Do you close screen correctly? Please post some screenshots or post aia

school_app_project.aia (1.7 MB) emphasized text

As suspected you use a clock. Use this blocks in Screen1


Also notice how I changed the procedure for closing screen, you should use it like this in all 15 screens cause otherwise memory errors might arrise. Also 15 screens are too many you could always work with "virtual" screens.


If you close Screen1 while opening another screen, there is no need to disable the timer, as this will happen automatically when the screen is closed.


If you use this procedure on all screens to switch screens, there should be no (memory) problems even with 15 screens.

Btw, it also makes sense to close Screen1, since this is no longer needed after the app has been opened. In addition, it makes no sense to open the login screen again after the login has been successful. So this should be skipped after a successful login.


tq for your help i am doing it

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tq for your help i am doing it.

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From the aia file I have sent can u clear the doubt that when I press back button from announcement or doubt or reference screen, if it is teacher it shld go to home screen and if it is student it shld go to home_student screen.plz help me with it

Something like this:



tq for your help its working when i download but screen2 i.e signupwith screen is repeating continuously again

school_app_project (1).aia (1.7 MB) plz check my aia file i completed it

plz check it mam and reply me fast becz i have to send this project to a contest so plz reply me asap

Try this school_app_project_2.aia (1.7 MB)

Mam I used the same codes that u have used. 1st time it came working but when I did 2nd time it didn't come.

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