Runtime Error: Targeting S+ (version 31 and above) requires that one flag of FLAG_IMMUTABLE be specified[...]

Specifically, which extension is causing the problem?

It happens with SendMessage as well, not just the Direct function...

You mean Google Play has rejected your App because it is using SendMessage?

No... The error happens with SendMessage as well, even if we don't use the direct function...

Thanks for letting us know - I thought that had actually been fixed, along with other functions and extensions.

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You need to make sure that you are using the companion published by that server. If your version number is still 2.65 or 2.65u, then you are using the production version of the App Inventor companion that has the regression.

your server

[ ]

But when i click in build apk, there Is a server error. Moreover there Is a message at the bottom reporting that the server Is no more Active the.

Plz help me with this... Trying from 5 days..

And when this solution I'll be on main server?

The build server for that particular system was a victim of the recent power shutdowns in our building. I need to recreate the build server for it but I haven't had time yet. I'll try to get this on my schedule for tomorrow.

Any new regarding when can we build .apk on test server?, as for today I can only test with companion but no builder yet. :frowning:

Hi, do you have any news to solve the problem "requiers that one flag of FLAG_IMMUTABLE...." on app inventor with phone direct message? Is it solve?

I tried many combinations but despite everything it always gives me the same error,
what can I do?thanks

Hello Max

Where you able to discover the fix from the other posts in this Topic? One of the extensions you are using may need to be updated.

En utilisant le nouveau serveur (, il y a une erreur de compilation que je n'ai pas sur le serveur normal (

What about telling us more about that error you get there? Only you have access to your project, noone else


It is possible that the temporary bug-fix Server is not fully up to date with other functions - we need to see the exact error message.

However, if your Project is fine on, that's OK isn't it?

There will be a new App Inventor release soon, it's currently being tested.

All of the fixes from the bugfix server are now also published on as part of the upcoming release.

Orientation problem not fixed

Hello Anil

Can you be more precise or link to another Topic that reports the issue?