How do you identify specific Android device by using mit app?

Please explain me how to identify specific Android device by using mit app. (also devices upto Android 10 restricted for get device id by apps). Then how can I get some specific information related to device by using app.?

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Maybe try searching for the extension directory Pura Vida Apps to see if there are any extensions helping you. Link:

If you can't find extensions or problems, tell me.


Do you mean IP address?

If you want IP Address, here's an extension for you.


Thanks @Gordon_Lu for the info, but I've previously tried extensions from puravida but that's not supported for many devices, it's generate errors for some devices..
Exactly not IP, I need somthing solid/permanent info to identify device, and want to know if this app going to REINSTALL on same device or not.

It was possible to read the IMEI to android9. Since android10 this is not possible and there is hardly any way to identify a specific device. You have to think of another way.

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Thank you @Patryk_F. I will try, and if any one have some solution for this please drop it here kindly.


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What exactly is your question?
Android gets more and more restricted... did you test that method if it still works with newer devices?