Problem minimizing and returning to home screen

Try this (updated to fix Screen3 close methods - see below)

RadioCampinasAM_revised2.aia (395.8 KB)

Why do you want to go back to screen1?

On Screen3 Arrow.Click and Screen3.BackPressded close the app (and don't switch back to Screen2 via Screen1Fake, with the compiled app). Is this really what is intended?

To be honest, I don't really understand what it's all about. :upside_down_face:

No my error, because it works in companion, I will revise.

Then it should be:



So Screen1.Fake is not needed at all.

Well it is, otherwise Screen1 loops to Screen2 because of the timer

Why, because you disabled the timer on Screen1 (correctly).

You are welcome to provide your own solution

Maybe something like this:

or this:

(Button1: your button from Screen1Fake)

Hi Anke. That's exactly what I tried. I tried to close screen 3, didn't work. That's why I'm a bit lost. I try all your suggestions. Thanks a lot for your patience and help.

As I said:

So please explain exactly where the problem is. What is intended?

Explain it like this:

  1. Open App > Screen2 is opened
  2. On Screen2 Click on ButtonX, Backpress ... > ... result
  3. Do this ... > result
  4. Do that ... > result

You want it to go to the home screen. What do you mean? The home screen is Screen1 or do you mean minimize the app and listen to music in the background?
Try it:
RadioCampinasAM_1.aia (394.1 KB)

Yes, questions upon questions!

You can't get "what" to work?

How about reading this first and answering my questions in detail?

I'm almost ready to pay you to give me a precise explanation of what you actually want. :wink:

I'm sorry Anke if I'm not clear enough.

  1. Open app > splash screen takes to screen one.
  2. If I need to leave the app and do something else on my phone and still be listening to music, I press back button which wil minimize the app.
  3. The problem: pressing the back button from screen 2 to screen 1 takes me to screen one, which is a splash screen, and can't leave the app.
  4. From screen 3 to screen 2 there is no problem.

Hope you understand.

The first aia file I attached shows the exact problem.

No. Point 3 is not clear. And the default function of the back button is to close the current screen, which means also the application if no other screen is open at the same time. The Home button minimizes the app (put it in the background. If you want the back button to do this you must put a appropiate block (method) there.


And explain what Screen1 is all about (after the first run). Should the app be able to return to Screen1? And if so, why?

What I initially did was to set a block to close the screen in Screen 2 meaning to keep the music playing in the background. Didn't work. Then I though I needed to move back to the fist screen created SCREEN 1 Splash screen and then set close screen 1 to leave the app and still keep the music playing. Didn't work. Again, I though the problem was because screen 1 was a splash screen that takes to screen 2 and doing so, it becomes a loop. I honestly think there might a simple way of simply touching the back button and keep the app in the background. Why is it so problematic for me to make this work? Feel like giving up but no, I'll go till the end.

In order for the music to continue playing when the app is put in the background, the screen must not be closed. Therefore, the content of Screen2 must be moved to Screen1 as a virtual screen and Screen1 must not be closed. To return from Screen3 back to Screen1 (virtual screen) Screen3 has only to be closed.

Thanks Anke. I'll give it another try. Let me ask you one more thing. I would like the player to be preloaded and paused on screen one in order to minimize buffer time when switch to screen 2. Do you have any idea of how I can accomplish that?