SAF: App Inventor implementation of Storage Access Framework

Why this block runs well with apk but does not with companion ?

Please upload the aia so that I can take a look.
Though if it works in apk, its functionality in companion shouldn't be a concern.


Find attached aia, I'm using companion 2-62u, error message "media is read only"
Saf_1.aia (60.2 KB)

Works fine with Companion on Android 11 (even with the non-current extension version).

Current version

I am facing some problem with this SAF thing.
My end goal is to read a pdf from Documents folder and upload it to Firebase Storage. The problem I am facing is after picking the file from Documents folder and coverting its URI to path to upload it to Firebase Storage as it accepts File Paths only. I got path as /sdcard/..... which is prompted as No such file or directory while uploading to Firebase Storage.

Sorry actually I am explaining my post but unfortunately ended up posting it. Edited my issue please help me with it if you could.

can you post a link to your companion apk ?

I can see all text files with this block
but I want see only csv

Try setting text/csv as extra mime type.


text/csv was my first attempt with no results

Did you solve that? I have exactly the same issue, cannot upload CSV files. I tried like this, but all csv files in my storage show greyed out:

ah, it worked now for me with the following block (no clu which of the mime types in the block worked and I am too lazy to check one by one):


A lot of discussion here, which shows how useful SAF is.

SAF was introduced @ Android 4.4, API 19 (Thanks Johannes_Ai2)

However, An App using the SAF extension will not install on an Android 4.4 Device:

thank you, it works with text/comma-separated-values

Is any way to get uri of USB drive automatically after it plugged in exists?

Not the best idea, but yet it is possible in this way.

com.sunny.usb.aix (7.2 KB)


Wow. Usb detector.. I didn't see this extension before. Thank you very much.

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