Error al instalar aplicacion

cree una aplicación muy sencilla, funciona bien al hacer las pruebas, pero al descargar para instalar al final me dice que no se puede instalar la aplicación,
tengo un acatel 1v, que puedo hacer, donde esta el problema

Try installing without your Screen1 icon.
Those have fussy requirements.

It's a good spec Android 9 device. There are a number of reasons why an App will not install, the most obvious being that the memory space allocated to store Apps is full - so a clean-up of Apps, deleting ones you don't actually use might help. This is exactly what I had to do on my Alcatel.

That may not be the reason why your installation fails, so grab a coffee and work your way through my check list:
ProfessorCad: Tips & Tricks Cannot Build/Install/Run APK

gracias de verdad, bendiciones, me ayudó esto!