How do I create a very large list of 5000 items?

How do I create a very large list of 5000 items?
I made a list with the list with Listpicker but when I go to save (.aia) it or transfer it to my mobile I get the following message

How did you create the list?
How are you saving the list ?

You can improve the answers you get by following:

I have input the list in the ElementsFromString Window

Do I have to do it any other way?
Would it be better to make a list of csv type that exists on my mobile as a file and reads from there? I definitely want there to be a search field in the list and that's why I chose the Listpicker
PS:Before I create a theme I am always looking to find a solution from here and in youtube

  1. You probably have a list of lists (table). This is not really suitable for directly applying to ElementsFromString in the Designer.

  2. Again, your list of lists is poorly formed, it should be something list this:

and so on....

However, it does depend on how you want to display the list....

  1. There are many ways to include a list of lists in your app, with such a long list it does make sense to use a csv file if the data is going to be fixed (not changing), or download the list from an online resource (e.g. Google Sheets) if the list will require regular updates.

Here is a sample project that loads 3 csv files from its Media folder at startup ...

No data is kept in components or blocks, only in files.