Creating a fitness app

Hi Everyone,
I am currently working on a fitness app and having problems with one of the buttons.
I do not know how to proceed with the blocks for the Get stats button..
Below you will find a screen shot of the New Entry button as well if this helps...
Can anyone help?
Many thanks.

What do you mean proceed? Do you want to get the entries to show up here? For that, use a tinyDB.

I mean, I do not know how to calculate statistics based on the entries from previous button(NewEntry) so that when i click on the GetStats button, it would show in there...
I hope this makes sense..
Thank you

Yes, use a tinyDB to store the values and get them on the other screen. Then you can do whatever like subtracting the start time and the end time to get elapsed time and stuff like that.

Oh ok...
I don't know how to do that as I am fairly new.
Thank you anyway.

You will have lot to learn, Start with reading the documentation,
doing some tutorials, and some specific ones for tinyDb, for example this one:
Then, find out how to ask questions here:
How to ask a question (open new topic)
Cheers, Ghica.

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Thanks Ghica!

I think I managed but having one problem with the TinyDb.

When I click submit nothing supposed to take me to Screen1 but that doesn't happen..
Are you able to tell from my screenshot what I am doing wrong?
Many thanks.

You have a red cross, this usually means you have another SubmitButton event block in your project...

thanks so much. That solved it.

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