Pie Chart update automatically

Hi Everyone..

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Can you please send me a link or help me out please.
I can not find the correct answer.
I would like to know what is best way to update my pie chart every time automatically.

My app: I have a sport app and wanna keep track of my season scores and dates.

Thanks Advance

Update the data feeding the pie chart right before drawing the pie chart.

Maybe I made it not clear enough, I can't even send you anything because I deleted it.

Expamle: 23/5/2021 - 1 goal (on the chart already)
Now a new game: 24/5/2021- 2 goals

I want my chart to be updated with two pieces of the chart pie.
And then it goes on and on.. But I don't know how to do that.

You need to help us out by providing more information about what you want to do

Keep all the games and scores.

Managed around it thanks

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