Text labels not loading in the Companion App

Hello everyone, hope you're doing well. I've been trying to make an application, but when loading, the text labels don't appear at all, on none of the screens. I have 5 screens in the app, so could that be causing the issue?

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Here is how it should look like:

This is what I get (this happens everywhere I use it; the companion for ios and andriod, and the emulator have yielded the same results):

Try changing the theme to Classic or Device Default


Try setting the text colour for each textbox/label to a colour other than "Default"

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The theme is already device default. Changing the text color didn't work for me.

I did both of those; they didn't work

Classic theme ?

No, Device Default

Post the aia (or a test aia that reproduces the problem).

Please export your aia project and upload it here.

The aia file is broken.

Well, your theme was set to "Dark"!!

Changing to "Device Default" showed the texts.

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Yes........ :imp:

Sorry, even a small overlook can have drastic consequences...

As I already said:

Didn't you see this @TIMAI2?
I got this with AI2 and AI2Offline.

It loaded up OK for me on my genymotion companion (Android 10)

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