Menu lateral desplegable

Siguiendo los ejemplos de menu lateral desplegable hice el mio con las opciones q me interesaban, pero me gustaria q el menu solapara la pantalla principal no q la desplazara, es posible hacerlo con ese comportamiento??

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Hello Yosey

That should be possible of course. So it sounds as though the button for the drop-down is on a Top Bar shared with other Virtual Screens - is that right? If so, when the User changes Screens, that change Screen event can disable the menu button.

To give more precise advice we need to see your Blocks and at least an explanation of your Main Screen Layout with a Screenshot.

Posting Code Blocks to the Forum: right-click the App Inventor Block Viewer workspace and select "Download Blocks as Image".

Hola, era para ver si me podias pasar por favoooor el archivo de tu app