Error received while running an app (Emulator)

Hi there.
iam a newbee and getting this error while running app on emulator.

Error from Companion: no part 'loadExtensions' in package AssetFetcher /.
would appreciate any help or direction.
thanking you.

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Read this first:

And post the aia (if there is no paid extension in your aia).

Welcome Kevin.

Do any of your other Projects load correctly when you use the emulator? If true, the problem is probably that your app uses capabilities that can not be emulated with the basic emulator.

Does the Project that does not run properly use an extension? or use a sensor. It is possible you need to use a real Android. Does the project run properly if you test on a real Android?

H steveJG
as i already stated i am a newbe.
i have created an app that plays a cat meowing as directed by wolber in his book App Inventor 2
a very simple app.
when i run the app on th emulator it gives the error

whError from Companion: no part 'loadExtensions' in package AssetFetcher

it runs on android but not on emulator
i dont think it runs extentions.
you push a kitty button and it purrs

just wandering what is the problem with emulator

thank you for your help

Hi Anke
Thanks for info will study and take onboard.

The emulator can not speak; it has no hardware to do this. Great it works on an Android.

The emulator can not 'emulate' the 'sensors' either. Just the way it works (does not work ). :slight_smile: