Cloud db probolem (using LocationService extension in the background)

hi clod db bug now work nothing only erros

You need to:

  1. Show the errors you are getting and when in your workflow you get the errors
  2. Show your relevant blocks, including how you store and retrieve data for cloudDB

screentocom i get error when i cheange a location
maybe i use fire base?

error Connetion reset

  1. Tidy up your blocks so we can see them all (right click on the blocks editor, Clean Up Blocks, and Download blocks as Image)
  2. You appear to have some errors in your blocks (red crosses)
  3. Are you using the MIT cloudDB server ?
  4. "When I change location" - what do you mean by that ?

in location sensor is block "when location cheanged " then cloud db stop work

ok but i will send it you into private message

Please keep the discussion on the community.

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ok ok but i use an extension to location

ps : my launge is polsih

Before download the block image, pls change the language to English.

ok ok ok ok

Are you trying to use this in the 'background'?


It will not 'fire' if you are using Taifun's LocationService extension while the app is in the background and will not execute your CloudDB Blocks. It will only write to the TinyDB I believe.


Maybe the LocatingChanged event is fired too often, and the storeValue was too often. Is there any limitations for the frequent of this storevalue?

And you did not say what's your error?

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ow i thas bad :frowning: It work only it how i can transfer data from divice one to two

You can transfer data between two devices only when the app is awake. I ran a test using Taifun's extension. When my LocationService app is awake, LocationChanged will populate a CloudDB. When the app goes to sleep, it stops transferring data to the CloudDB. When the app is again awake, it will continue to populate the CloudDB again. LocationChanges made while sleeping will not post so you cannot use it as an alarm.

Attached is an example that shows one way to use the CloudDB with the native LocationSensor How to broadcast a GPS location and share the information on a map with others in real time..CloudDB . Load and compile the ShareYourLocation aia at the end of the article.

Does it work? It will not work in the background but will work as long as the app is awake. :slight_smile:

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but i need to work in background :frowning:

You can save data eg in google sheets.

Or invent Google script that will write data to the database. (I do not know if posible it with cloud db)

I wonna try thanks for help <3

is will work in background

or someone know a fire base work

If you find a way to use the "Post" method to save data in your database it will work in the background. I think @TIMAI2 is a specialist on this.