Open screen is not working in build file

Ai Companion is properly working in my phone. But after building to apk file is not working properly.

  1. calling page is not working.

Welcome to the community. Please post a scrennshot of your blocks in order to get help. Also since this is your first topic please have a look at ..

this code is working in AI Companion mode. after build this application to apk and installed in my phone. the button is not working.

Tested this code with my two phones both are facing same issues(android 11, android 7).

this code is place in my second screen. and first screen this is working properly.

First of you should close screen before opening a new one cause otherwise you will have memory issues


In the following example I have 2 Screens, Screen1 and Screen2 and each screen has a button

test_screen.aia (2.5 KB)

In Screen1 blocks


In Screen2 blocks


Just make sure you to choose the right screen


Thanks for the info.
Tested more pages in my application all are working except one page(New_Invoice).

Hello Shajeer

By this you mean that the screen 'New_Invoice' is not displayed? So, nothing happens at all, the App just stays on the screen 'Home' ?

Yes, Correct

We cannot read your screenshot - can you take another:

Right-mouse in the Blocks work area and select "Download Blocks as image"

Your Blocks are all over the place! :upside_down_face:

.... how many Screens are there in total?

Total number of screen six.


  1. You seem to have two screens - New_Invoice and NewInvoice?
  2. Too much going on in NewInvoice.Initialize - put that in a Clock Timer Block and launch the clock timer from the Initialize Block.
  3. TinyDB1: if that single entry is a List, you need to verify it's length before attempting to read it (if length zero, all the following code fails)

...also, make your start value more reliable - use math block comparision: 1 for data available, 0 for data not available.

Why isn't Screen 1 your 'Home' Screen?

Removed initialize block and tried but it's still not working.

... I didn't say remove it :upside_down_face:

But i need to find exact issues.

It is a pity you are using Screens in this way because this type of App is better developed with Virtual Screens. In a situation where a button click returns the user to the screen that opened the current screen, you just need to use the 'close screen' block and will automatically be taken back to the prior screen.

So you don't want my advice? OK.

Thanks for your support. I fixed the issues.
I removed 'KIO4_Move' extension. now everything is working fine.

I suggest you find as many beta testers as possible. Your code could be a lot better.