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Hello Community
I'm new here and I'm making my first app.
I created an app for a card game with lots of pictures and a vertical scroll arrangement. if i press on a card it opens and you see it bigger and a german translation, if i go back now the screen is always reopened at the top, can someone help me how i can save it so that it goes back to the last position?

Use a scroll handler extension

yes thanks I already have a scrollhandler from
(I believe)
Unfortunately, I have no idea how to use the blocks correctly.
Do I have to use this for every vertical scroll arrangement that is opened or can you "write" this once for all.

Is there anything comparable anywhere? I've searched the forum for a while but couldn't find anything similar.
Sorry for my bad english. :slight_smile:

Sorry, the link to vknow360's extension on puravidaapps is broken.

If you do have it:

There are arrangement register and unregister methods so you should be able to apply one instance of the extension to many scrolling arrangements (but just one at a time)

What have you tried, it should be fairly self explanatory ?

Extension can be found here, until I get a new website :sweat_smile:

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sorry but I just don't get it.
Here are 2 pictures from my app I would like to click on a card, e.g. Mickey mouse, then another vertical scroll arrangement opens and the card appears in large size and with a German translation. If I now click on back, I get back to the card overview, only he jumps automatically to the top but I want that man to be where he pressed the eaves. Please help

Why not use a dialog extension instead to display your card and data in full, then the underlying scrolling arrangement position will not change.

Here is a simple demo using AlphaDialog

modalDisplay.aia (12.0 KB)

Yes, of course, that would be a solution. only for me the new is probably very difficult to implement and a lot of work. am now at about 80 pictures. (if you see the blocks, you will think what is he doing there.)
I would have to rewrite the app from scratch. i don't really want to. it's also my first app
but there has to be another solution. please can someone help me. what exactly do I need for a block that it works like this? THX

Try this ...