Run time error (Attempt to get item number 2 of a list of lenght 1)

Hello guys, i got a runtime error.
it said “select list item: Attemp to get item number 2 of a list of lenght 1: [”"].
tell me what should i do please

you have to show your block for we help you

Read this:

Please export your project and post it here.

I’m sorry. my file it’s too big, so i can’t upload it

so i just upload my blocks to you
thanks for responding to me by the way

i’m sorry.

this is my blocks, tell me if you notice something wrong.
by the way, thanks for your respond

sorry, this is the right one

tell me if you guys notice something wrong.
thanks by the way

okay @dimasreza_zakaria i will check it

Did you debug your blocks?

Do that first, maybe you can find the issues / solution yourself.

Here is your bug …

The fix is to add if/then tests to avoid asking for list items that aren’t there,
After you do the split, you must

  • Test if the result of the split is a list (okay, a little overcautious)
  • Test if the length of the list is > 1
    Only after passing the tests do you try a select item.