Card fill in qsl card for ham users

i need input to write a card

It appears you are attempting to build an Amateur Radio logbook and send a QSO confirmation by e-mail. Is that true?

What do you need help with.

  • building a logbook
  • building a screen to fill in the places in your Card with QSO information without a logbook

How do you expect this to work?

  • fill in the Card from your logbook (which is a Spreadsheet, a FirebaseDB , a CloudDB, and if the data will reside entirely within your tablet or cell a TinyDB) regarding the QSO.

  • post the data to your card so that it can be sent as an email to your radio contact or something else?

Just some ideas fransko :smile: What have you done and what do you expect to do?

73's, Steve


There is not a simple way to send an email with an image attachment (your QSL card).
Here are some options

What you do to add information depends on how you generated your PD4FMJ QSL image. How did you generate that image?

One way would be to place the image of the QSL card on the background of a Canvas and fill in the information using

This is a concept you might use to fill in the various contact fields. You may have to make that part of the contact info using two lines instead of one so you can fit all the stuff you want.

Contact info is entered using multiple TextBoxes.

perhaps this could work for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Once the data is entered the result can be saved as an image. App Inventor Code Snippets | Pura Vida Apps

verry nice Steve and when i fill in the card then i it possible that i fill in the email adres
from the amateur radio ham i can find them on no problem
can you sent me a sample for this?
thanks Frans PD4FMJ

what do i wrong i can't place the text box in line
qsl_kaart1.aia (33.8 KB)

Please post an image of your Blocks. At the moment I don't have the time to download and test what you did. Probably did not set the Canvas to 300 x 400 pixels?

Use a Button and a TextBox with the email address in it.
Can not provide more advice until you tell me what method you decided upon to send the email.

You did not pull in any Horizontal or Vertical Arrangements or change any alignments or widths to neaten things up.

Or are you referring to how you draw text on the Canvas?

referring to how you draw text on the Canvas?

qsl_kaart1fixed.aia (33.9 KB)

You have to place the image in the Canvas.Backgdround and set Canvas.Height to 300pixels and Canvas.Width to about 350 pixels. Adjust either the image or the pixels.

This will work but you have to adjust the DrawText parameters to suite.

how can i clean the card if i had a mistake with inputs

how can i save my card is it posible with asd?


What you can do with Canvas is discussed in the Canvas documentation.

Clears the canvas, without removing the background image, if one was provided.

Here is how to save the Canvas to the device Pictures folder and show it on your app'


You need two extensions, a Button and Image component as a minimum..

My Android A13 Android 13 also requires permission ReadMediaImages.

The full story (all the required extra stuff to remove the image etc. is discussed by Anke

where can i find taifun tools apilevel

App Inventor Extensions: Tools | Pura Vida Apps

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Error 908: The permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE has been denied. Please enable it in the Settings app