Have green bar on laptop, Once connect with phone everything go left

Hello, when I connect "AI companion" the app contend will go left. Is is something to do with the green bar or it will bo OK once download .apk

Look here, your question is not clear

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Do you mean that your screen alignment should be at right or center and not left?

Which green bar? Kindly specify and/or send screenshots

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This is the place for the scroll bar to be displayed (if the screen is scrollable on the designer view only), it won't be visible on the companion screen nor the apk file

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So I will go back to centre after download apk?

this is used to specify the position of the components on the screen.
If you want a top align vertically and center align horizontally do this -

if you want even top align to be center, do this -

Thanks! I will contact you if I have anymore questions!

Sure! You are welcome!

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