Fixing marker infobox

Hi Dears,
can we fix marker text or description, it mean when marker showed on map text show (without tap,click,...).

See here

The simple answer is


or use a Clock with that block similar as shown in the example here Any Marker turn signal ('Blink' or Flash a Map Marker) for displaying and hiding design time Markers.

where can we fill infobox for marker?

Are you asking how to put information into the Infobox.

Use the Marker.Title and Marker.Description Blocks.

A way to work with the Infobox is shown in the National Parks tutorial. The tutorial shows how to work with the infobox using runtime markers, the principle is the same for design time markers (The Markers that are Marker1, Marker2 etc.)

Does this help?

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thank you Steve, I did that with changing block to generic form.
today i understand that i can change block format to generic form :joy: :joy: :joy:

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