Notifier component - To close without notifier.after.choosing

I want only to know it there is a way to close a without using notifier.after.choosing .
Explain better. I launch a with a button that if clicked does not start a procedure. The app wait . If user doesn't click that button for 5 or another number of seconds ( using clock), the notifier is closed and the procedure goes. Or if possilble to pass a value to notifier.after.choosing.
Other post i've read are similar but i think they are not what I want. Sorry if I posted a useless or duplicate post and I apologize for my not perfect english. Thanks for help.

please describe your problem clearly @thebrainc
and also read this before creating a new topic :

as far as I know unfortunately not
you will have to find a workaround... probably rather than using a notifier display your text for example in a label...


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It's a strange request you have thebrainc :upside_down_face:

Displaying a Show Choose dialog implies that the App needs a choice to be made. That is why it is designed to stay on screen until the User either makes a choice or, if the App permits it, dismiss without choosing. A User is very likely to respond fairly quickly and cannot continue without responding, so what is the actual problem you have encountered?

Hi, Taifun. Thank you for the quick reply. I feared that answer and in fact i was looking for a workaround using labels and multiple screen in 2 or three vertical VerticalArrangement ma there are some problems as i will explain for example use visible labels and buttons on image

Thank you for your reply.
You are very right but the notifier was for me the easier way to display a message without the
problem of how to use label or button on an image to do this:
app fire procedure after cliking an image (send a message)
Clicking notifier button within for example 5 seconds stops procedure. Instead, after 5 seconds without clicking notifier button the procedure fires ( notifier is closed).
Here an example of screen.

Message 1 and message 2 are two IMAGE in two HorizontalArrangement ( heigh 48% both and two label
1% height)
The two images are clickable:
image1 clicked starts a message to A, image2 clicked starts a message to B.
In an emergency, the user must click as few buttons as possible, i.e. click only image1 or image2. In case if he clicks message1 or message 2 by mistake ( for example he is explaining app to another trust person) he can interrupt it through the notifier, vice versa he doesn't have to do anything anymore because the procedure will start by itself.

Alternatively i'm thinking to use two Vertical Arrangement with two screen I can switch with visible on/off:
screen 1 with the two images clickable
second screen whith 1) a background image of screen 1 2) label and button to stop procedure ( perhaps the simplest solution but I don't know if in another smartphone the two screen will be identical )

It would be so simply to be able to put label and button on the image1 visible on/off

Canvas can help?
Sorry for long post but i wanted to be the clearer possible

Have a look at the anyDialog extension, it may help you to do what you want (use it with a clock timer)

Thanks very much. I will see it.

... On image click, display the Show Choose Dialog first, then run the Procedure or not run the Procedure, according to the Users Choice.

but this is about if the user doesn't make a choice within 5 seconds.....

........only because the Procedure can't be stopped after 5 seconds?

You have lost me, it is late :wink:

Try this example aia project

fiveseccommit.aia (8.2 KB)

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It is not necessary to use images - better to use buttons, the text can be changed for different languages and they won't look ugly on tiny or giant phones when stretched/shrunk.

If it works as: Tap Button - Tap Notifier, the User, if in distress or under attack, can do that well inside 5 seconds - food for thought?

NotifierClose.aia (2.9 KB)

Thanks for your quick replay. At the beginning I thinked so too. In fact I did as you suggest
correctly but with only one notifier (I use your blocks for example in picture)

but then I realized ( it's my poor opinion ) that one tap on big image is faster and more simple
than read a notifier and choose a button. Then, if not in emergency, user can stop sms or mail sending
in 5 or more seconds. This is why I chose this complicated way to reach my goal ( I repeat, using
the notifier was for me the easiest way to do it without using labels or buttons that I didn't
know how to put on the clickable image but the notifier didn't consent it.
Ad maiora.

Syntax of this simple extension not easy to understand immediately, but after some tests I got
what I wanted !!!
Here what i did ( Also a title with different fontsize and a timer, under the message, displaying the time countdown).

Note that clicking the button does it by touching anywhere on the screen.
I hope will work on new android systems. On my old smartphone android 7.0 go very well !
Thanks everybody for help.
However, only for curiosity, I'll try to find other solutions without extension. If so I will post them ! Regards.

Sorry. Only in my app, perhaps for my strange setup of extension, the extension window close touching any point of screen. In your fivesecommit.aia it works very well

Set "cancelable" to false.

I did it. Thanks for help !

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