Sending data to Google Spreadsheet

Hello everyone !

I’m creating an app and I need to send data written by the user to a Google Sheet. I followed this tutorial :

But in the end, my code doesn’t seem to work, the data isn’t sent to the sheet.

Here’s my code

I suspect that I’m using the Web component wrong, but I don’t see where the error would be, the idea is that google forms have a URL format for sending the answers to a Google Sheets, which is what the code should be doing, joining the different parts of the URL (first is the link to the form, second is the first answer, third is the second answer) and applying the URL (which is where I believe I might have missed something).

If anybody has an idea of what I might be doing wrong, thanks a lot in advance for the help.

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A guess, because you only shared part of your code: did you make the GoogleSpreadsheet you created shareable? YOUR app uses Dictionaries… the youtube tutorial you referenced does not. It appears you modified the tutorial. What happens if you follow the tutorial?

Same approach, different (better?) method:

another way of doing the same thing:

remove the open another screen “Screen1” block and check the result in the Web.GotText event


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Hi, having exactly the same issue, i have even posted the URL from a different machine using the same string, it worked but only after verifying that It was a "real" account, i assume this must be a permissions thing