Speech doesn't stop reading a list

Hello. With my students we have created a navigation system to follow the bike lines in our city.
The main problem is the speech that should read a sequence of istruction in a list and tell it to the user. We can't stop the speech talk in any way: with a stop button, with a stop when the user doesn't move, it read all the list from the top to the bottom without any pity. What could be the problem? many thanks

Wouldn't it be a little better if the screenshotted blocks would be in English ?

It would be easier for us to understand in that way.

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If you are using the Navigate control for directions; , provide one direction at a time as used in juan antonio's examples instead of reading the Navigate list directions. Only use the TextToSpeech on that element.

Or, if you have your own list of directions, use the
to select one item of the List at a time to speak.

Or, this code in a Button can be a magic way to stop speaking (interrupt) the TTS

I do not know whether it would work in your situation. Try it.


sorry. Here the code in English
SteveJG I'll try, thanks

Sorry Cecilia. I do not understand your logic.

The attached example reads a List of directions one at a time (Speak a Direction) or automatically (each direction in turn [Auto]).

SpeakItemsInAList.aia (3.9 KB)

Is this what you want to do?

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