Hello everyone . I am taking a input from a textbox and i want to check its every word if it appears in a list

For eg a sentence , he is a good boy i want to check if he appears in a list, is appears in the list , a appears in the list. Can anyone tell me how to do it

Also see -

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i was not asking for this , i was asking if there wasa string hello i am pulkit , then how can i seperate every word and check if the words were in the list

Read this (especially items 1-4):

OK thanks this was my first question

but actually i want to do another thing

this is the list

and this is the logic , there is button mc
and there is a textbox , when someone enters something in the text box i want to check evevy word if it appears in the list above

please help me i need the solution now

This might help -

And how is the name of my religion (hindu) and my pm(narendra damodar modi) a fake news word

it is a not a fake word but i am making a fake news detector and i have compiled a list of words for which fake news may be there

did this work

just checking

this is not working for a sentence but for a single word , for eg if i enter anti-muslim is bad , or anti-hindu is bad then it dosent work but if i enter anti-hindu it works

actually it is not working for a single word also

i also tried and this is working for me but only for one word , can you make it work for a sentence too

pls tell its urgent

wait thinking..

in links its not like duck is bad it would be duck-is-bad (cuz in domain u cant use spaces) moreover you can use webscraping extension to check the contents of the website not every link is fakenews.com or helo.net/anti-religion-here

i didnt understand

see edited post