I have a project called Medication Reminder i want to store the list of dictionary in TinyDB in one screen and get the list and show in the ListView in another screen but the list size show 0 the list is not saving in the database

Here is my Project Please help me this is urgent , as this is my very first project in MIT i dont know what to do this is my first time using it

Medication_Reminder.aia (111.5 KB)


Instead of posting an aia just post your blocks. It saves the people who want to help you a lot of time. If you want help you should make it as easy as possible.

because i need to submit this. this is my assignment and I have a very little time left,

Sorry i will i dont know how to post it let me post it here

So I guess you started to late. You can not expect us to do your work for you.

this is how i am saving the data

and this is how i am getting

no just saw the pictures and tell me if there is any thing wrong i am doing dont do the work

Problem caused because you used different namespaces for tinyDB

In Home Screen change tinyDB namespace to reminderDB

OOH thanks alot really appretiate

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Also this part of your code won't work because in AppInventor index in list starts at 1 not 0

OH thanks i didn't knew this

Would it make more sense to either

  • append global list to global mainlist, or
  • just set global mainlist to copy(global list)?