Save pictures (Canvas)

Hello! I have problems with my Drawing App because I can't save the pictures I created. I didn't find any answer in blog for this problem, can you please help me? Thank you very much
(I uploaded the image with the blocks I used)

Dear @Noemi_C, first of all welcome on board !!!

Then, have you tried to initialize the global variable to a text instead of a number ?
Probably when you join a string ( "immagine") with a number (1....) and again a string (".png") it doesn't work.


Your block are fine. Where is the problem?
Can't find the file (image) on your device? If so, which Android version do you have?

Thank you for the answer, I will try to do it

I can't find it on my phone, that has Android 10. I also triend with an other phone that has Android 11. Maybe I have to put a new block for the path of the file.
Thank you for the answer

On your device (in my case: Pixel 2XL, Android 11, connected via USD to PC):

Thank you very much for you help! Your answer is very useful

where is this Directory

If you want to save the photo to files, first remove TinyDB from the storage section

sorry ,first bring TinyDB ...