How do you Delete the data Spreadsheet using app Script?

Just used SreadsheetURL image

More information needed about your requirement, provide a more detailed description of what you want to do.

i have display data spreadsheet on Listview. the case is how to Delete the data that we selected?

how to give function Delete to Delete the Selected image

I build based on the tutorial so, when we need to Deleted the data, what is the way to solve that i want

You could filter your table before displaying it.

I have displaying . so what the next we do to delete the data by app

You are not making it clear what you want to do. Do you simply want to remove the item from the listview / list after selecting, or do you want to remove the item from the google spreadsheet as well ?

Yes get what I Want. How to delete the data in Spreadsheet?

I confused to see that. where is the right solution are resolved?

check here :

thanks for your suggest. but I didn't do it. can you show the complete solver?

This tutorial have relation with my topic but It Can't work. how to solve this?

have you tried it, if you have tried it please show me the block that you have made it same as in the video

ok.I'll show you

it should not just be a Sheet but it should be like this: Sheet1

oh yeah I've change this but if I input Sheet 1 the results it still not workimage

u can try that tutorial n then u can get the same problem.

have u get the problem? I believe u can solve it.

  1. It should be Sheet1 not Sheet 1 (no space)
  2. Show your google apps script