Using the text on a TextBox to call a variable. Is it possible?

Hi guys,

In my application I have several variables that I would like to present in a label, according to the text of another label, which is randomly changed during operation.

As there are many, I would like to build the name of this variable from the text presented, instead of using a huge sequence of If statements.

See this example to illustrate:


Can any of my colleagues help me?

Thanks in advance.

Post all relevant blocks (and the aia).

Thanks for the quick response @Anke,

I apologize if I was not clear enough in my presentation.

Here are the blocks relevant to my problem and my complete project file for your study.

Layout_2.aia (934.1 KB)

just use the text getter property of the corresponding labels
for example



Thank you @Taifun,

Ok, but can you show me how to apply the text returned in the get.variable block, when Lable1.Text is one of the 3 available variables names (Data1, Data2 or Data3), as my example?


The get Label1.Text will always return the text of that label, no matter how you set that text previously


I recommend Chapters 19 and 22 from

Also see the introductory articles at

concerning table lookup.

Thank you so much @ABG ,

I will carefully study the documents you suggested. I'm sure I'll find the solution there.