WebViewer Refreshing

I am having a problem with sizing in the webviewer. I know when I load the viewer in a new window it doesn't happen. I load a web page (lets say 100 lines long) and then load another web page (lets say 50 lines long) the webviewer doesn't resize to the new page. It leaves 50 lines of space under it open. And if the 50 lines loads first it cuts the 100 lines page off.

Is there a way to refresh the viewer to that it displays the website properly?

Could you please post a sample AIA so we can rest and see if we can replicate the issue?

Much of this may depend on the underlying html of the pages you are accessing, are the pages optimised for mobile viewing, with responsive sizing etc. ?

they just a simple html page with a table on it, nothing special.
I searched to find a solution but found nothing that helped.

I am using webviewer.GoToUrl = "page.html"

(I don't use a Companion, I upload to phone with the latest v12 on it.)

Where is "page.html" stored ? If in assets then you need to use the following:

If in another location then you need to provide either the relative path to the file, or start file path with file:///....

Direct off a website. The problem isn't that the page doesn't load. They both load, just the length of the page doesn't change according to the new page.

I built a sample AIA to show but it doesn't happen in with it, so will have to start over with the html and how each page is loaded

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