Asking Permission By The User

How can I use Permission.Granted and Permission.Denied when I ask so many permissions by the user?

If you have a lot of permissions, you don't need to allow them one by one. When the app needs the permission, it will automatically ask for that permission one-by-one even though if you don't program for it. For example, in my video's camera app ( , when the user first opens the app and click the 'Take photo' button, the device will first ask for that permission automatically. If the user allows it, the device takes the photo; otherwise, it won't and will report an error.

If I have to ask permission for Location Sensor, then how can I do that?

What I have to write in select list item list?

why do you think, you have to ask for permissions manually?
you do not have to ask for permissions for the location sensor...
usually permissions are asked automatically when they are needed...


My Location Sensor is not working. So I think I have to try this but now also it is not working.

what exactly is not working?
did you already try a search in the community?


Here is my blocks and I also tried to search on community to resolve the problem but it is not solved yet. The problem is that I did not get the langitude, longitude and address.

As advised by @Taifun, you do not need to manually request these permissions...

Did you follow/try all the guidance here:

Setting the LocationSensor.TimeInterval to 10ms makes absolutely no sense at all. Please read Using the Location Sensor and LocationSensor to find out why.

See here, especially point 3:
Show the (relevant) blocks (images, screenshots of blocks in high quality).

Oh sorry I forgot to attach the block. The list is the permissions list.

How can I use Location.ProviderName block?

I get longitude, latitude and address only when I manually first switch off and then switch on the Location in the phone.

From the documentation
Returns: text
The current service provider. The provider will most likely be either GPS or network.

Yes, I got it but I am confused that how can I code for Location.ProviderName?

Here is my block in good resolution according to me. My problem is that I do not get longitude, latitude and address.

Remove the asking for permissions and test your app outside to get a good GPS signal... and be patient until you get the first values...

PS:unfortunately it seems to be you did not search the community. There are a lot of similar questions like this...