How to change Bluetooth Name From My App

Hi Everyone, Please Help me how to change the Bluetooth name from the App in mit app inventor. Thank you
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Salman Dev

Please Help me. :pray: :pray:

Then be more specific, and show blocks or designer screenshots to indicate exactly what name you want to change.

I want to know, how to create an application that can change the name of my Bluetooth device from my application.
thank you

are you talking about the name of the Android device your app is running at? Or about another device?


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Are you talking about the name of the Android device used by your application? Yes.
In your opinion, can i make it with an activity starter, like asking permission to change my bluetooth name on my device. :pray: :pray:

this seems to be doable

in case you are interested I could add it into the blueooth extension soon...

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Wow I like it, please add that function to your bluetooth extension.
Thank you very much @Taifun for your help :+1: :smiley: :+1:

Salman Dev

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