Canvas size not working


I am trying to make a blank canvas that is bigger than screen. Screen is scrollable. Sizing is fixed. I don't want the canvas to be zoom in/out. I just want it to be draggable. On the screen will be sprites with fixed positions.

I oriented myself with this:

When I try AI companion to see if it works there are some issues. When it first opens the upper half of the screen is blank space (which I don't want to be visible) and the bottom half is canvas. When I drag canvas left - right it works. But when I try to drag it up - down it doesn't work. Or the screen scrolls. Then I see space outside of canvas (on the top and the bottom). Which I don't want. Also if I put screen to not scrollable dragging canvas up - down doesn't work.

I included photo of my blocks. Can somebody please tell me what am I doing wrong?

Thank you, Mojca

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Salman Dev

You didn't follow the tutorial correctly in a few places:

Setting the canvas to screen height and width
Setting the image to the canvas
Screen1 must be responsive
Screen1 must not be scrollable
Screen1 centred vertically and horizontally

Try this example

DraggableCanvas.aia (130.1 KB)

From what you have said, it may be that you want a canvas larger than the screen with sprites that are draggable?